Weldobot – SuperMIG Seamer

SuperMIG® – Hybrid Plasma/GMAW Welding from WELDOBOT

MITUSA, Inc. is now offering seamers equipped with SuperMIG®. SuperMIG® is a hybrid welding process that combines both the plasma arc welding (PAW) and gas metal arc welding (GMAW) processes in a single torch. When coupled with a MITUSA, Inc. seamer, we can provide a full turnkey welding solution for manufacturers welding ferrous based materials such as carbon steel, armored steel, and stainless steel, and in various industries.
The SuperMIG® welding torch can accommodate filler wire up to 1/16” (0.0625” – HD and HD-Slim models only) in diameter, and its electrically insulated welding head is also pre-aligned and water-cooled. WELDOBOT offers three (3) torch models to choose from based on the application, which includes: Heavy Duty (HD), Heavy Duty Slim (HD-Slim), and Medium Duty (MD).
The SuperMIG® technology is most beneficial for those welding thick materials. SuperMIG® allows for single-sided, complete joint penetration (CJP) welded joints, which eliminates the need for two-sided operations. SuperMIG® also allows for increased welding speeds for better throughput, reduced pre-welding activities such as beveling, increased deposition rates, and reduced heat input/narrow heat affected zone with its single-pass welding. The SuperMIG® WCM (Welding Control Module) is interfaced with our MITUSA Inc. seam welder for a complete welding system solution.

SuperMIG® In Action

Features and Options:

  • Simple, user-friendly controls.
  • Fully integrated equipment.
  • Cloud-enabled torch options.
  • ALC-AVC arc length control option.
  • Integrates seamlessly with automated welding equipment.
  • Proprietary seam welder tooling like no other seamer design.
  • Other custom designs available.
  • MITUSA Inc. seamers maximize welding productivity Material handling options allow for efficient, safe part loading/unloading Edge aligning devices offer operator a guide to repeat some positioning every part.
The dedicated SuperMIG® seam welding machine has unique, innovative, pressure and alignment tooling. This proprietary clamp tooling provides the welding operator with total control over the base material edge alignment handling and pressure while clamping of the part. This allows for very accurate securing of the part to be welded.
SuperMIG® seam welders for sale in stock at MITUSA, Inc. Call us for more details on this welding system inventory in MITUSA, Inc. Huntington Park, California.