Longitudinal Welding Seamers

External, Internal, Linear, Combination, Flat Sheet Seam Welding Systems.

MITUSA Inc engineers large custom welding seamers with part material handling tooling options. Standard long length welding seamer systems. Power elevation seamers, external, internal, combination, longitudinal weld seamer types. Small to large longitudinal welding machines from 1 foot to 40 feet long. Part diameter range 1 inch to 20 feet. Our longitudinal weld seamers use durable linear rails with bearing blocks for a smooth seam welding process. MITUSA custom linear seamers deliver strength and accuracy during the longitudinal seam welding operation. Creative design allowing all needed welding equipment to be mounted on the linear rail side beam carriage away from the floor.

This resolves less tangled wires while reducing the need to maintain longer control cables. Reducing cable noise interference problems. Keeping the weld control and power supply together within easy access for the operator. The linear travel track is machined to a 0.005-in straightness tolerance so that the seam weld is as straight as possible based on the joint preparation. Precision weld seamers are designed for longitudinal welding of all types of butted metals with 100% penetration welds. Complete ergonomic access to welding controllers on all of our linear welding seams equipment. Our design gives the track a strong hold and allows free travel of the side beam carriage. Carriage travel car carries 750 lbs of seam related welding gear and controls for easy operator access.

Seamer Table Top Alignment
Device - Finger Clamp Tooling

Innovative tooling allows the longitudinal welding equipment to apply pressure to clamp the weldment butt weld joint ends together. Part seam welds are done on a conductive water cooled insert tooling like copper or aluminum, with variable required force used along the clamped joint. This eliminates the heat to distortion the part during the seam welding process like no other design. In addition the welding seamer design uses the highest quality standard or custom seamer table top cooling clamp tooling for the best results. Copper finger tips and insert tooling absorbs and dissipates welding heat through our proprietary water cooled back up bar type seamer bed insert tool. The weld seamer’s tooling can be made from copper, stainless steel or aluminum alloy, this is based on the customer’s requirements.

Applications for welding seamers are pipe seam welding, linear welding seam joints of cylindrical parts of all sizes. Including tubes, pipe or cylinder seam welding. Common welding seamer applications are flat plate sheet steel joining. formed box edge joints, square or rectangle parts can be longitudinal seam welded along the precise butted joint based on the metal thickness. These weld control devices deliver accurate encoder feedback for precision smooth carriage travel speed control on the precision built linear rail side beam welding seamer. Our welding controls working in concert with seamer carriage as it travels on the side beams linear rails. Using two 24 VDC motor controllers one for the carriage and another for the Capstan wire feeder.

Seamers are built with integrated MIG, TIG, Plasma or Sub Arc seam welding equipment process. Installation of any type of arc welding power supply systems of your choice. Brands like Miller Electric, Lincoln, OTC, Fronius, K-TIG, EBAB and more! MITUSA will install options like the Xiris arc welding cameras or a complete hot or cold wire GTAW (TIG) welding system.
The welding seamer are used for the seam welding fabrication process to join together the edges of metal cylinders short or long lengths items like vessels, tanks, light poles, chimney pipes, propane tanks as well as boat pontoons, steel drums, rocket housing, part spinners, tanker trailer cylinders, HVC duct, pipe, cones, welding seamer applications and much more!
The seamers use several of the arc welding processes like MIG, TIG or Sub Arc to seam weld parts made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum bronze, Inconel high alloys and carbon steel, black iron metal and more! Consultation is required based on your seam welding application requirements are welcome.

MITUSA Engineering Custom Welding Seamer Systems.

  • Convenient, easy to read air module controls on front with operator buttons and lights.
  • MLSW-24 2 ft (0.6096) Seam Welding System 24″
  • MLSW-36 3 ft (0.9144) Seam Welding System 36″
  • MLSW-48 4 ft (1.2192) Seam Welding System 48″
  • MLSW-60 5 ft (1.524) Seam Welding System 60″
  • MLSW-72 6 ft (1.8288) Seam Welding System 72″
  • MLSW-84 7 ft (2.1336) Seam Welding System 84″
  • MLSW-96 8 ft (2.4384) Seam Welding System 96″
  • MLSW-120 10 ft (3.048) Seam Welding System 120″
  • MLSW-144 12 ft (3.6576) Seam Welding System 144″
  • MLSW-168 14 ft (4.2672) Seam Welding System 168″
  • MLSW-192 16 ft (4.8768) Seam Welding System 192″
  • MLSW-216 18 ft (5.4864) Seam Welding System 216″
  • MLSW-240 20 ft (6.096) Seam Welding System 240″
  • MLSW-264 22 ft (6.7056) Seam Welding System 264″
  • MLSW-288 24 ft (7.3152) Seam Welding System 288″
  • MLSW-312 26 ft (7.9248) Seam Welding System 312″
  • MLSW-336 28 ft (8.5344) Seam Welding System 336″
  • MLSW-360 30 ft (9.144) Seam Welding System 360″
  • MLSW-384 32 ft (9.7536) Seam Welding System 384″
  • MLSW-480 40 ft (12.192) Seam Welding System 480″
  • Longer Custom MITUSA Seam Welding Systems Available

MITUSA Welding Seamer Standard Sizes

Long Seam Welding Machine Systems

We engineer and build your longitudinal welding system with the operator in mind for easy ergonomic function and maintenance of the seam welding system. Weld seamer production uptime with our outstanding customer service and support paramount to MITUSA and their customers. Our MITUSA Universal PLC welding controls allow fabricators to regain full control of the welding seamer and seam welding process at their fingertips. The MITUSA welding seamer base is extra-wide to accommodate a hydraulic scissor lift part loading tool. Parts are loaded and unloaded without any obstacles in the way. No cranes or chains are required to smoothly guide the part into position for the seam welding the clamped joint.

Seam Welder Material Handling Loading

MITUSA Welding Seamer Feature Benefits