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Automated Welding Systems

MITUSA Inc. is a highly qualified American based manufacturer of engineered, precision, fixed welding automation systems. Our in-house capabilities include structural steel, tooling, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic design. We pride ourselves on manufacturing products to the highest of standards using modern equipment and techniques. MITUSA Inc has a several Hass machining centers, multiple planers, CNC plasma cutting, multiple welding power systems and processes, vibratory stress relief, laser measurement system, and a 40 ft enclosed painting booth.

Applying hundreds of years of experience to your automated welding needs, our team is your single source supplier.From initial concept to fabrication and manufacturing of a reliable automated welding solution, that’s what we do.


Products we offer for welding automation solutions

MITUSA Inc. manufacturers a diversified line of longitudinal seam welding systems. Our seam welders can handle cylinders or plate, thin to thick, weldable metals from 3 inch to 40 ft in length. MITUSA Inc can also offer material handling for loading and unloading. We offer several weld planishing systems to flatten or cold work the weld bead. Bench style, gantry, and a seamer tabletop design are unique products offering a proven solution.


Our MITUSALATOR is a rethink of what a column and boom (classic manipulator) should be. Our patent pending design allows the boom to be rotated in line with the column for easy set up in a changing weld cell. This product can be easily integrated to other auxiliary equipment like turning rolls or positioners.

We also provide linear side beam track and carriage systems, RTU transfer systems, and tank handling systems for our longitudinal seam welding systems. On all our weld systems we offer several control versions—from near fully automated with minimum operator intervention to a standard style where the operator has engagement throughout the process. You determine the level of your needs.

Want to know more ?

Why we build custom automated welding systems!

It’s literally in our name—MITUSA stands for Made in the USA. We strive to use locally sourced vendor supplied items where and when possible, to use in our proprietary designs and manufacturing processes.

No matter the size of your shop or production demands MITUSA stands ready to offer a viable solution to your automated welding requirement. We’ve supported many industries with these solutions in different parts of the world.