About Our Company

MITUSA Inc. is a Highly Qualified

American based manufacturer of engineered precision fixed welding automation tool builder and designer in addition to material handling systems with strong and broad experience in house handcrafted manufacturing capabilities of welding fabrication, machining and engineering of standard and custom automatic linear arc welding systems designs, including part material handling options.

MITUSA’s experienced team, are very knowledgeable and dedicated with hundreds of years of experience combined to help solve your company’s most challenging mechanized welding automation system building problems plus automate the welding production with precise and specific solutions in all aspects of the process and with experience on handling many different types of customers in many industries around the world.

MITUSA Inc., uses the latest and more innovative welding solution technology with their partners such as K-TIG Keyhole TIG welding automation systems and SuperMig technology application Plasma Arc and MIG (GMAW), to maximize the performance on any welding process and project.

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