MITUSA Inc. capabilities are built around 3 key pillars:


Our years of experience and in-depth expertise are key to our reliability. Gaining a detailed understanding of your automated welding project’s needs, allows us to offer a solution with a productive lifespan measured in decades. We combine rugged mechanical designs with modern electrical controls and the latest in welding technology. You can count on us to include your needs in a collaborative reliable solution built to last.


We work hand in hand with our clients as partners to provide the right solution to your specific automated welding needs. We are experts in customizing equipment solutions to meet your specific quality and production demands. Working together with your team, we can evaluate the various options to ensure you get a safe, operator friendly, high quality, reliable, dedicated welding automation solution to meet your production requirements and maximize performance.


Our number one objective is to provide welding automation systems that improve efficiency and optimize production. To do this, we listen to your inputs and apply a combination of wide-ranging proven solutions coupled with any specialized modifications to handle your projects. Mutual respect and open channels of communication are a must to yield the best weld automation system. Join many others who have already benefited from this kind of unique working relationship to maximize your welding’s results.

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