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MITUSA Inc., is proud to announce that Israeli-based welding manufacturer Weldobot corporation has expanded its reach across North America with the appointment of MITUSA Inc. as a new Tier 1 distributor to supply its products in the U.S. and Mexico. SuperMIG is Weldobot’s breakthrough, patented welding technology, which successfully unites two widely-used welding processes – PLASMA ARC and MIG (GMAW) into A SINGLE, high-performance, cost-effective system. Thus, SuperMIG combines the high energy concentration benefits of the PLASMA ARC with the high speed and ONE-PASS welding benefits of the GMAW process meeting the

demanding requirments of industries such Armord Steel, Earth Moving Equipment, Construction, Shipyards, Cranes, Boilers, Containers Pressure Vessels to mantion a few. Please feel free to inquire about the SuperMIG technology as well as ask for any test samples you would like so we can highlted production benefits and value added.

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