K-TIG Keyhole TIG Automated Welding Seamers

Dedicated K-TIG keyhole seamers integrated for a complete automated welding equipment application. Automated seamers with K-TIG keyhole GTAW welding process mode which provides flawless 100% penetration welds. K-TIG keyhole seam welding applications from one foot to 40 feet weld seaming length. The K-TIG keyhole welding power supply are interfaced with our MITUSA Inc. seamers for a complete keyhole welding system.

Keyhole Seam Welders with K-TIG Welding Automation Equipment

Reliable precise K-TIG keyhole GTAW process welding speeds and increased fabrication productivity. Hours long TIG seam welds process applications are completed in minutes, this welding machine system will increase productivity off the same weld seamer. Full penetration, single-pass TIG GTAW keyhole welding up to 1/2 inch (12mm) in stainless steels. This drastically reduces wire consumption. Inert gas consumption is reduced by 80-95%.
Typical arc seam welding savings of 85%+ of more. K-TIG keyhole seam welding process eliminates edge beveling & post-weld grinding. Precision high stability, keyhole welding consistency and repeatability resulting in weld quality.
K-TIG welding can be applied to a wide range of longitudinal and circumferential seam welding applications from tanks, vessels and piping to boxes from simple to the most complex geometries. K-TIG is highly effective with both square butt weld and beveled joint presentations, automated welding and with wire, and can be used in both (1G) and (2G) seam welding positions based on the operation.

MITUSA Inc., Seamers with K-TIG

K-TIG keyhole seam welding process machines are interfaced in the USA using the K-TIG (GTAW) TIG Keyhole Welders.
Custom K-TIG automated linear welding machines for all types of base material seam weld solutions.

Features and Options:

  • Simple, intuitive controls delivered via the K-TIG 1000 Evolve II 21” touch screen controller.
  • 100% duty cycle for extreme reliability.
  • Cloud-enabled software upgrades, data backups and online support.
  • K-TIG Welder Integration Seam Welder Interface
  • Built-in real-time data capture, reporting and quality management
  • Integrated K-TIG Keyhole TIG Welder Systems
  • Flexible, suitable for a wide variety of materials, applications & industries
  • ALC-AVC Arc Length Control Option
  • Integrates seamlessly with virtually all welding automation equipment.
  • Proprietary seam welder tooling like no other seamer design
  • Stainless, Carbon, Inconel, Hastalloy, Metals and Alloys
  • Other Designs of Custom MITUSA Seam Welder Systems Available

The dedicated K-TIG seamer welding machine has special never seen before proprietary pressure and alignment tooling. This proprietary clamp tooling provides the K-TIG seam welder operator full control over the part’s base material edge alignment handling and pressure while clamping of the part. This allows accurately securing the part for the finite micro K-TIG seam welding process operation.