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Unitized Welding Manipulator Column and Boom

MITUSA precision welding manipulator design offers a wide variety of ergonomic features unlike other types of weld head locator styles. The MITUSALATOR swivel boom welding manipulator product line is truly an elegant design of manipulators for welding pipe, tanks or vessels fabrication.

Providing 500 lbs of weld head equipment boom capacity at either end, all mounted on a 360 degree swivel base. The linear rail manipulator column mast with acme screw lift with optional servo motor for precision weld head location.

Our single unitized welding manipulator style features provides the most efficient weld process column and boom shop mobility. Simple to ship unitized linear welding manipulator with patent pending revolutionary boom swivel design allows easy install in minutes. Perfect for pipe welding job shops that need easy relocating the automated pipe manipulator system any where in the pipe welding fab shop.

The pipe welder power supply rotates easily on the single piece unitized manipulator column base. The column and boom has a smooth linear rail travel reach, with a ridged 500 lbs of boom weld head capacity at either end in a non wobble solid fashion. The precision welding manipulator acme screw column boom lift does not require a fall safe device like other types of weld manipulator operations.

The MITUSALTOR weld manipulators are the fastest sub arc manipulator set up for production design in the welding positioning industry. The unitized weld head manipulator boom quickly swivels into position on the column to mount the pre-assembled welding controllers operation.

Unitized weld manipulator style are built to locate the welding processes equipment like (GTAW) TIG or MIG (GMAW) and submerged (SAW) Sub Arc column boom manipulator unitized welding systems. The free standing podium welding manipulator control center including features such as Xiris arc welding cameras, joint weld seam tracker, flux recovery devices and more!

MITUSA skilled technicians integrate and install all major welding automation manufacturer's controls, arc weld monitor cameras with welding process machines for your requirements. Complete automated precision welding manipulator systems built with GTAW TIG, ALC, AVC, Cold Wire Feeder, Xiris Weld Camera, and power supply of your choice. Perfect for integrated automatic pipe welding sub arc welding manipulator system with processor. Call us for a quote!

Engineered for welding simple parts to a precise GTAW (TIG) micro weld or PAW plasma welding applications. Built for a range of weld applications from heavy duty sub arc welding manipulator or with cameras, seam tracking, flux recovery and welding controller on the ridged boom.

The linear rail manipulator acme screw style is perfect for tight finite welding process manipulator applications anywhere.

Our multi weld process unitized weld manipulators design operates on 110 volts VAC Precision linear bearing rails. Simple cable routing inside the boom arm as well as the manipulator column. Bolt to a stationary platform or on a mobile travel car allows for all type of welding fabrication requirements. Vertical travel speed 36 IPM, Horizontal boom smooth travel speed variable 3 to 120 IPM with a 500 lbs payload each end.

MITUSA Unitized Welding Manipulator Standard Sizes:

  • 4 X 4 ft Welding Manipulator 1.22m
  • 6 X 6 ft Welding Manipulator 1.83m
  • 8 X 8 ft Welding Manipulator 2.44m
  • 10 X 10 ft Welding Manipulator 3.0m
  • 12 X 12 ft Welding Manipulator 3.65m
  • 14 X 14 ft Welding Manipulator 4.27m
  • 16 x 16 ft Welding Manipulator 4.88m
  • Size and Length Custom Welding Manipulators Available

The MITUSALATOR sub arc manipulator unitized systems are used to interface with welding rotators, turning rolls, positioners or any type of welding positioning equipment. MITUSA builds complete semi automatic weld manipulator pipe spool join welding systems. MITUSA integrates our unitized manipulator for vessel welding with our MITUSA linear side beam or fixed vertical table headstock-tailstock positioning equipment.

Linear welding on a large tank seam joints using the manipulator's boom longitudinal stroke movement to move the weld head smoothly over the work piece weld joint. The column boom manipulator arm is placed perpendicular to the rotating part during circumferential girth welding joining process of welding pipe sections together.

Our ergonomic weld manipulator design easily locates the weld head into position over the spinning work piece. The weld manipulator boom weld head is placed over the weld joint for semi automatic welding of parts like pipe, tank section joining or vessel welding for linear seams or circumferential girth welding applications.

Our new welding manipulator technology is used for weld head positioning never before possible with prior welding manipulator designs. The boom can now be easily positioned at many angles for ergonomic welding positioning of mutable weld head manipulator locator.

MITUSA manufactures single unit linear rail column welding manipulators with a easy pivot swivel boom installation. This type of ergonomic welding manipulator revolutionizes automated pipe welding system portable design. The MITUSA manipulator arrives ready to set up in minutes, not hours with tooling provided with the shipment. A ridged linear rail mast and swivel arm allows for easy boom pivoting into the horizontal weld head position and more! Perfect pipe shop easy locator equipment ready mount system.

Revolutionary Unitized Column and Swivel Boom Welding Manipulator Design

  • Swivel Boom Unitized Manipulator Column Design
  • Servo drive lift and reach options
  • Acme screw drive column lift, no fall safe required
  • Continuous 360 Degree linear rail column mast rotation
  • Portable Unitized Pipe Spooling Welding Systems
  • 500 lbs capacity at full manipulator boom reach
  • Linear Travel Car and Track, Powered and Manual Option
  • Patent Pending Welding Manipulator Design

MITUSA designs, engineers, manufactures and builds all of our own welding manipulators in the USA. TIG / MIG / submerged arc manipulators for automated welding of pipe, tanks and vessels. The sub arc manipulator boom angles unlike any other manipulator design. for welding head reach angled into positions never before seen on a conventional welding column and boom manipulator.

The best sub arc manipulator system on the market for quick set up pipe welding applications, this is where a MITUSA linear weld manipulator's single unitized assembly method will quickly improve your company's return on investment productivity and safely. Maintaining a ridged hold on multiple weld head processes in welding positioning angles never before possible with any other conventional welding manipulators.

Call or email us for details on price, delivery of all types or size and designs of our MITUSA welding head manipulators for sale.

Unitized Welding Manipulator Column and Boom MITUSA Manipulator Specification Sheet

MITUSALATOR Unitized Column and Swivel Boom Welding Manipulator

welding manipulators

Welding Manipulator Column and Boom

MITUSALATOR Welding Manipulator Unitized Column and Boom Design

The MITUSA weld manipulator single unit welding column with a swivel boom installation revolutionizes welding manipulators ergonomic portable design.

The MITUSA manipulator arrives ready to set up in minutes, not hours with tooling provided with the shipment. MITUSA built this weld manipulator with ergonomic maintenance and operation for a safe welding fabrication system.

A ridged linear rail mast and boom swivel allows easy pivoting of the boom into the horizontal position for easy weld head locator equipment ready mount system. The acme screw lift column manipulator's boom arm comes either with manual or powered variable speed movement reach design.

Holding 500 lbs of automated weld head controls at full extended reach with proper base or floor mounting.

Perfect for welding pipe automatically with a submerged arc manipulator applications when integrated with a MITUSA welding automation processor.

Welding Manipulator Column and Boom

Welding Manipulator Column and Boom

MITUSA Welding Manipulator Design Explained

The weld manipulator built for pipe welding shops, where pipe spooling welding applications are being done throughout the mechanical pipe welding fabrication facility.

Welding Manipulator Column and Boom

Universal Column Boom Welding Manipulator Type

Quick interface setup for shop or field pipe spooling welding with welding positioners, turning rolls, head stocks and much more!

Unitized Welding Manipulator Column and Boom MITUSA Manipulator Information

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