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Retrofit Seamer Rebuilds | MITUSA, Inc.

In some cases, a new seam welder would be nice to have but cost prohibitive. Many times it would make more sense and be more cost effective for your ROI to update your old welding seamer with an up-to-date weld controller such as our MAGA-1. We can also perform any electrical or mechanical upgrades or repairs, as needed to your current arc automated welding system. Upgrade with new weld controls, Xirus weld camera, or a complete retrofitting of your welding automation system.

MITUSA, Inc. can completely rebuild and retrofit your used seam welder into like new condition. We use OEM quality seam welder replacement parts, tooling and controls when rebuild or retrofit your old used welding seamer. Our seamer rebuild tooling and parts are made here on site for a single source rebuilder of seam welders. We know seam welding machines and how to build them, call us!

Advantages why you upgrade, rebuild, recondition and retrofit are:

  • Retrofitting automatic welding machines will increase the welding productivity
  • The older welding system is returned to like new working condition cost effectively.
  • Reduce costly system maintaining expense of older automated welding machines.
  • Extend the life of the equipment performance with welding automation retrofits.
  • Cost saving by recycling current automated welding equipment and machines.
  • Sustainability by using eco friendly controls, retooling and retrofitting.
  • Increased operator safety by ergonomic upgrading and rebuilding.

Let MITUSA, Inc. save you time and money with upgrading arc welding controls, retooling, retrofitting or rebuilding your old used welding equipment and machines. We turn your out dated old welding automation machine into a smooth running productive welding system.. We specialize in welding seamers and complete retrofits with all new welding processes, controls and parts for any configuration. We have a complete machine shop and technicians ready for control upgrades to a MAGA-1, MAGA-2 or other model of our universal PLC welding controls.

Typical automated welding system upgrades and retrofits:

  • Retrofit outdated Jetline 9500 controls with updated universal weld sequence controller
  • Update seam tracking to Thru the arc precise seam tracking technology
  • Upgrade cold or hot wire feeders and controls.
  • Improve operator control and safety with Xiris arc welding cameras
  • Magnetic MAG arc weld oscillators .
  • Complete welding system controllers with sequencers
  • Automated welding controller technology improvemnets.

Contact us for an inspection/quotation based on your specific needs. Lead-times can vary from 4 weeks to 8 weeks for rebuilding and repairs. Just let us know what you need and how quickly you need help and we are ready to provide prompt delivery on retrofits and repairs of your current longitudinal welding seamer and other automated welding systems in our facility in Huntington Park, California